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Transparent LCD Display

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Transparent LCD panel structure

  • Combine digital info and real item together, it transmit info to audience in a vivid way
  • 9"-82" wide size range
  • U-disk, SD card, connect with computer, you name the way to play info
  • Touch function is available, communicate with it interactively!
No. TV/PC board Stand-alone advertising board PC HD board Android PC board
Interface LVDS,USB,HDMI,Power,DVD Video interface,TV,Audio Interface LVDS,CF ,USB LVDS,USB,HDMI , VGA,Audio interface LVDS,HDMILVDS,USB, CF, VGA,Network interface
Function Insert U disk electricity on remote control to play,can be connected to the computer through HDMI,etc.With remote control. Insert U disk electrify boot to play immediately,can set up automatic shutdown, cannot connect to the computer,etc.With remote control. Connect computer,cannot insert U disk directly,internet query to display playback. Can be connected to WiFi or plug the network cable,Internet query information,can choose to play insert U disk or import video playback directly. (Can be connect to a touch screen to achieve the touch function directly.)

No Warranty for burn and damage.



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